Week Twelve: Patagonia

I'm sitting in a chair with a cup of tea. This is more the kind of writing style I'm used to, in contrast with last week's pothole-interrupted bus journey scribing. I'm back in Buenos Aires, back in a big city and very thankful for that while missing Patagonia, which is an enormous area of mind … Continue reading Week Twelve: Patagonia

Week Ten: Argentina

There is exactly one month until I leave South America. That can seem like both a long and incredibly short amount of time, but before then, I have more time coaching in Buenos Aires, a 10-day trip to Patagonia and the end of the world and five days in Brazil at the Copa America. So, … Continue reading Week Ten: Argentina

A new venture – Academy Man Utd

Hopefully the start of something big. The Academy Man Utd website was launched yesterday. After months on Twitter, a few weeks on Facebook and a couple of days on Instagram, the website has followed on my new project. It's the biggest and best I've ever done, and it's something I'm proud of. Academy Man Utd has become known as … Continue reading A new venture – Academy Man Utd