S6 E12: Goals from open play at home? Nope Manchester United Weekly Podcast

  1. S6 E12: Goals from open play at home? Nope
  2. S6 E11: Analysing Ferguson's defeats, with author John Silk
  3. Trailer: Man Utd Women
  4. S6 E10: Goodison gives hope for Solskjaer
  5. S6 E9: From world-beaters to limp dolls
  6. S6 E8: Live from Old Trafford – 5-0 vs Leipzig
  7. S6 E7: Hero Rashford, Chelsea & PSG
  8. S6 E6: Subs bring flurry of goals
  9. S6 E5: United sign 4 players – with Paul Hirst, David Kraakman and Jamie Farr
  10. S6 E4: Sheer dejection and humiliation

I host two podcasts focused on Manchester United.

You can listen to both right on this page. Find some reviews below.



A podcast where football and history meet. Series one considers the formative characters in manchester united’s history with immersive hour-long documentaries.

“Meticulous research, unobtrusive interviews and the recreation of era sounds make this stand out within the plethora of United podcasts now.”

The Sportsman

“Informative and engaging, with an engaging presenter.”


I was totally immersed in what it being told. If I could, I’d give it more stars. Blown away.”



the original half-hour weekly podcast discussing manchester united. Harry Robinson and Jack Tait review the latest matches, preview upcoming fixtures and give a unique insight into the youth teams, loan players and women’s side.

“I wish it came out more often.”


“Brutally honest, no pandering, they make you feel part of the conversation.”


“A breath of fresh air.”

  1. A message from Harry Robinson
  2. Part Two: Billy Meredith
  3. Part One: Billy Meredith
  4. Part Three: Charlie Roberts
  5. Part Two: Charlie Roberts
  6. Part One: Charlie Roberts
  7. Part Three: Ernest Mangnall
  8. Part Two: Ernest Mangnall
  9. Part One: Ernest Mangnall
  10. Trailer: Ernest Mangnall
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