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VAVEL UK Top 50 Players of 2015

In December 2015, I single-handedly organised the first ever VAVEL UK Topp 50 Players of 2015. From getting editors to vote, writers to contribute, creating 50 images and compiling articles, it’s a project I’, very proud of.

We produced 15 articles, and you can find the full list here.

Manchester United at war

This is yet to become a ‘project’ as such but it’s something that fascinates me. For VAVEL UK’s ‘Reporter Day’, an annual event of long read pieces, I did a piece on it which the research for was incredibly interesting.

I discovered wonderful tales of Manchester United during World War Two as well as people who shaped the club we see today. I enjoyed the few days I spent researching this subject that I would love to continue to delve deeper into these interesting stories.

It’s too early to say which exact avenue of this I will go to next, but the character of Louis Rocca, consistently mentioned in my article, is something that really fascinated me.